2019 Session Videos

Fred Karpoff

Foundations of Three-Dimensional Piano Technique, with your questions addressed

Fred Karpoff returns by popular demand to MusicEdConnect to present fundamental concepts of his whole-body, three-dimensional approach to playing and teaching! Fred will help you become confident in addressing any technical problem you or your students may encounter. Demonstrations will feature standard elementary and intermediate repertoire, Hanon, Czerny, and responses to your questions.

A Winner of MTNA’s Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award, former USIA Artistic Ambassador to six countries, and Professor of Piano at Syracuse University, Fred Karpoff has continued to develop his multi-dimensional approach to piano teaching and technique through a wide range of experience. Combining elements of Tai chi, the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method® with the work of many piano pedagogues, past and present, he now guides teachers and students toward more efficient, healthful, and expressive piano playing, as Director of Professional Development at the Faber Piano Institute, faberpiano.com. Fred is an international Steinway Artist.

How I Built A 60-Student Studio in Six Months: Creative Marketing for Independent Teachers

Watch Session Trailer Do you want more students? Do you have trouble filling morning lesson slots or special group classes? We can help! Learn creative marketing strategies from a studio that went from zero to sixty students in six months and has a group class program with a four-month waiting list. This session will cover modern techniques for reaching your target audience on multiple platforms, boosting enrollment and referrals, and increasing student retention.

Efficient Business Practices: Save Time, Reduce Stress, and Have More Fun

Watch Session Trailer Do administrative tasks take all your time? Do you wish your studio would run itself so you could get back to teaching? Save time and reduce stress through efficient business practices! Learn how two music teachers with business backgrounds run their studios in ten minutes a day. Master efficient business practices so you have more time to teach and make music!

Davis Dorrough is co-founder of Lakeside Piano Studios in Edmond, OK and has taught there since 2013. He holds a Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma, a B.A. in Music with an emphasis in piano from Arkansas Tech University, and is an MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. He has given a variety of presentations for MTNA, OMTA, and pedagogy programs across the nation. In addition to piano teaching, Davis also has a strong background in website design, graphic design, and business marketing. Angela Marshall is a composer, author, pianist, and teacher who loves finding creative ways to energize her students. She holds a Master of Music Education Degree from the University of Oklahoma and a B.S. in Music (Piano) from East Central University. She currently teaches at Lakeside Piano Studios and formerly served as director of the Norman Fine Arts Academy. Angela has performed and presented across the United States and Europe and published numerous piano solos and books through her own company and in collaboration with others. She has completed commissioned compositions for choirs, piano ensembles, and soloists, and her piano solo Romanza won the 2013 Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Award.

5 Group Piano Teaching Techniques That Create Fun and Engaging Lessons for All Ages

Are you new to group teaching and not sure how to structure your lesson plans? Or, have you been teaching group for years and ready for new ways to present and play in class? In this session, I will demonstrate the top 5 group teaching techniques included in all my lesson plans. Video clips of each technique will also demonstrate simple and effective ways digital pianos enhance the learning experience for every student. And the good news, these techniques work with any age or class level.

Group Piano Specialist and Entrepreneur, Debra Perez is passionate about creating collaborative learning experiences for students of all ages. Her belief in the power of group learning lead her to co-create three group piano programs; Musical Moments for Adults, Way Cool Keyboarding for Teens and Way Cool Keyboarding 4Kids. Debras’ work in group piano has been featured in music and business publications, national conferences, webinars and online courses. She owns and operates two music schools in South Texas and enjoys helping teachers, schools and music stores create successful group piano programs.

Bradley Sowash

How to Teach Online

Watch Session Trailer From simple to elaborate, discover the equipment needed to teach remotely and how it differs from in-person lessons. Then learn practical tips from positioning lights to addressing privacy concerns from an online teaching pioneer.

Bradley Sowash is a composer, creative concert pianist, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, author, and educator specializing in improvisation. As an educator, he pioneered live online group keyboard creativity lessons, co-founded 88 Creative Keys workshops & webinars with Leila Viss, and is a frequent presenter at regional and national music conferences. The Neil A. Kjos Music Company publishes his acclaimed That’s Jazz and Creative Chords series on keyboard improvisation and he writes a column about improvisation for Clavier Companion.

Susan Ogilvy

Digital Keyboard Ensembles ~ What are the Benefits?

Watch Session Trailer We will explore what makes up a Digital Keyboard Ensemble and its place in today’s piano student experience. How are Ensembles valuable and why? What are the benefits for the student and for the teacher as well? How is this digital ensemble experience relative to the 21st century piano student? Please join me for some insightful answers to these questions!

Susan Ogilvy teaches piano in Denton, Texas and composes piano solos, duets, digital duets, and digital keyboard ensembles. Susan is an admin for OgilvyMusic.com offering online E-Courses, music for the Clavinova, and iPad/Kybd Combos. She holds a B.M.E & M.M.E. from the University of North Texas. Susan conducts various keyboard ensembles events around the country and has been a Consultant for the Clavinova Festival for YAMAHA. She is director of KETS – a week-long technology seminar for Uncommon Piano Teachers held every June at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Lynnette Barney
Lynette Barney

Kazoos and Emojis: Engaging Activities for Exploring Modes with Every Student

Explore games, resources, and activities to introduce students to the world of sounds beyond major/minor.  Discover engaging and memorable ways to introduce modal music in early lessons and throughout student studies using songs, improvisation, repertoire and more.

Lynnette Barney believes magic happens when musicians play and learn music and piano together. Her unique lesson formats, featured on the Tim Topham podcast, incorporate weekly musicianship classes with private instruction for her 50+ students in Arizona. These lesson formats allow her students to grow as individual musicians, to develop ensemble skills from the very first lesson, and to explore the fascinating world of music.

Dr. Pamela Pike
Dr. Pamela Pike

Working with Adults: Facilitating Music-Making Throughout the Lifespan

Adult music students are not “miniature children”. They are unique, may need specialized musical materials, and progress at a different pace than typical children. During this session, Dr. Pike will explore adult music study through the lens of the lifespan perspective. She will address physical and motor considerations as adults age and review materials that work well with adult piano students. Pre-recorded videos of adults in individual and group lessons will highlight effective teaching techniques.

Dr. Pamela D. Pike is the Barineau Professor of Piano Pedagogy at Louisiana State University, where she coordinates the group-piano and piano pedagogy program. Outside of the University, she teaches pianists from age four through ninety-seven. She is active as a clinician throughout North America and has presented her research on music teaching and learning on five continents. Dr. Pike enjoys bridging the gap between educational research and practice in her work with teachers. She is president of the Louisiana MTA, Editor-in-Chief of Clavier Companion magazine, and author of the book Dynamic Group-Piano Teaching.

Carol Matz
Carol Matz

Teaching Composition with Modes

Watch Session Trailer Modes can be a hard concept for students to grasp. Most of us think the modes are “D to D on the white keys = Dorian,” etc. However, there’s more to it than that, and there are more modes out there than the commonly known Greek modes. This session will make it simple for you to teach modes, as well as getting your students to compose with modes. You’ll learn how to: present the material to students in a clear, interesting way; learn how modes outside of the Greek modes are generated; and most importantly, you’ll learn tips on how to teach your students to compose using various modes.

Carol Matz has composed, authored, and arranged over 300 published titles for piano students. An experienced piano teacher herself, Carol has presented numerous piano-teaching workshops throughout the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia. She is well known for her Famous & Fun series (published by Alfred Music).

Dr. Christopher Madden
The Life and Works of Federico Mompou
Catalan composer Federico Mompou belongs to a generation of Spanish composers often neglected by teachers and performers.  Mompou’s ability to write piano miniatures that evoke the sounds of Spain makes his pieces particularly attractive for late intermediate through advanced pianists.  In addition to offering suggestions for student repertoire, this workshop will feature recordings of Mompou performing his own compositions.

Dr. Christopher Madden is Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy at Texas Woman’s University, where he teaches applied piano, piano pedagogy, and class piano. His playing has earned him numerous scholarships and grants, allowing him to perform in festivals and masterclasses throughout the United States and Italy. In addition to performing, Christopher has presented research at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, Group Piano/Piano Pedagogy Forum, Collegiate Piano Pedagogy Symposium, and MTNA national conference. Christopher holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma (DMA), Florida State University (MM), and Pennsylvania State University (MA and BM).

Thomas Lanners
Thomas Lanners

Helping Students Develop the Courage to Command the Stage

Watch Session Trailer Developing the courage to perform in an authoritative fashion – one that sets audiences at ease and convinces them that they are listening to musical statements that deserve to be heard – requires perseverance from young musicians. Because psychological elements are involved, the ability to “command the stage” in performance must be charted over a broad time period. Progress can begin immediately, though, when certain concepts are understood. Those include the ability to make “bold mistakes,” avoid obsessive perfectionism, realize that listeners want performers to succeed, and keep perceived failures in proper perspective.

Thomas Lanners, Professor of Piano at Oklahoma State University, is active as a solo and collaborative pianist, recording artist, author, and clinician throughout the U.S. and abroad. His performances have been broadcast nationally and internationally on programs such as American Public Media’s Performance Today. Lanners has presented sessions at Music Teachers National Association conferences, MusicEdConnect.com online conferences, and numerous others. American Music Teacher and Clavier magazines have published his feature articles. Named the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association’s Distinguished Music Teacher in 2014, Thomas holds graduate degrees from the Eastman School of Music.

Charlene Jarvis

“Click” it to Stick it! A Practical Music Coaching Method

Watch Session Trailer In an effort to encourage music students, teachers often use the language of effusive praise. But sometimes our words aren’t helpful for the student’s internal dialogue, causing them to wonder, “Why can’t I do it? Am I disappointing my teacher and parents?” Using methodology borrowed from animal training and the medical field, glean new technics to apply to your studio. “Clicking” your way to mastery may eliminate negative internal dialogue, making the skill “stick.”

Charlene Shelzi Jarvis is an Arizona independent piano teacher with a thriving studio, and co-author of TCW Resources (Kjos Publications) including the Keyboard Gymnastics Achievement Program and the TCW Theory Gymnastics Series. As an owner of TCW Resources (Three Cranky Women), she co-developed over 50 games and teaching resources for music teachers, inspiring students and teachers all over the U.S. She studied at BYU-I and Utah State University with Gary Amano and where she was on the faculty of the Youth Conservatory. She directed the prestigious Arizona Youth Piano Competition where young pianists competed for over $12,000 in prize money. Charlene is a favorite presenter at MTNA National conferences as well as NCKP.   Tawna Love, NCTM is a pianist, teacher, composer and arranger. She is a passionate collaborator with a special interest in chamber music and symphonic pianism. Tawna holds a Master of Music degree in piano performance from Boise State University and a Bachelor of Music in piano performance and pedagogy from the University of Utah where  she has served as pianist for the New Music Ensemble. She has concertized throughout the western states as a soloist and chamber musician.  Tawna is a professional music teacher at a non-profit for which she has served as a local and state president, and a Division Director-Elect. Tawna maintains a private teaching studio and has taught in an adjunct role at Boise State University.

George Litterst
George Litterst

The Lives and Times of Women Who Dared to Compose

Watch Session Trailer They went by many names: Cecilia, Helénè, Fanny, Marianne, Maria, and Amy. Although sometimes praised for their musical talent during their youth, they typically discovered that the life of a composer was reserved for a man. Nonetheless, they composed anyway. Some of these works have been lost to the winds of time, and others have been covered by the dust of obscurity. However, the stories of these remarkable women deserve to be told.  Join Stella Sick and George Litterst for an intimate visit to the homes, music rooms, and salons of these composers and learn what musical treasures await you!

George Litterst is a nationally known music educator, clinician, author, performer, and music software developer. A classically-trained pianist, he is a co-author of the intelligent music display app, SuperScore, and other software products from TimeWarp Technologies. Stella Sick holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music and the University of Minnesota. She is a Managing Director of the International Piano-e-Competition. Dr. Sick teaches piano locally and nationwide. An active performer, she is an adjunct assistant professor at Hamline University.

Gifted and Talented are Dangerous Words

The perception that children are born with natural gifts or talents for music is widespread. For many, the words ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ imply that hard work can be bypassed – or worse, not rewarded – due to the perception of a fixed, innate ability in that field. Attendees will experience the effects of fixed and growth mindsets through strategic activities conducted throughout the session. In addition to drawing on research showing that there is no gene for the arts, this session will illustrate the damaging effects of being labelled or NOT labelled a certain way.

Samantha Coates is an internationally regarded piano pedagogue and presenter. She is the author, creator and publisher of BlitzBooks, the music education series that has brought laughter and creativity to music theory, sight reading, rote repertoire and piano technique. Samantha’s sense of humour and ability to connect with students through her books and online resources reflect her ongoing dedication to making all areas of music accessible, enjoyable and memorable. Samantha holds a Bachelor degree in piano performance and has been running her piano studio in Sydney for over three decades. She is passionate about helping students to engage fully with their piano studies, with the goal of a lifetime association with and love of music.

The Advantages of Teaching Preschoolers: Practical Tips for Reaching and Teaching

Watch Session Trailer

Learn effective business and teaching strategies for building your studio with daytime teaching options such as where to go, what to say, and what to do, while you grow your piano lesson feeder program with well-prepared little pianists.

Kiddy Keys Showcase

Don’t Delay, Play Today! Incorporating a play-based, piano-focused preschool teaching strategy into your studio.

Kris Skaletski is the creator and owner of KiddyKeys preschool piano and music discovery program and Music All-Star materials. She has over 35 years of experience with piano lesson programs and preschool music, teaching in both home and school settings in Green Bay, WI.  Kris partnered with Jennifer Eklund of Piano Pronto to co-author the Roadtrip! series of piano books for young beginners.

Jennifer Eklund

Fired Up for Teaching Teens

Jennifer Eklund discusses strategies for successfully navigating the lesson process with teenage beginners. Learn how to keep them motivated and fired up for the endeavor of taking up the piano at a later age. She will also discuss her Fired Up! method book series that is specifically written for this age group.

Jennifer Eklund holds a bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in performance and pedagogy and a master’s degree in historical musicology from California State University, Long Beach. She is an avid arranger, composer, and author of the Piano Pronto method book series as well as a wide variety of supplemental songbooks for students of all ages and levels.

Jennifer Eklund
Kris Skaletski
Emily Skaletski

That’s the Ticket! A guide to using the Roadtrip series with all types of learners. (SHOWCASE)

Watch Session Trailer

We’ll explore effective learning strategies from a composer, teacher, and an occupational therapist’s perspectives, specifically when using the Roadtrip method for children ages 4-8.

Jennifer Eklund holds a bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in performance and pedagogy and a master’s degree in historical musicology from California State University, Long Beach. She is an avid arranger, composer, and author of the Piano Pronto method book series as well as a wide variety of supplemental songbooks for students of all ages and levels. Kris Skaletski is the creator and owner of KiddyKeys preschool piano and music discovery program and Music All-Star materials. She has over 35 years of experience with piano lesson programs and preschool music, teaching in both home and school settings in Green Bay, WI.  Kris partnered with Jennifer Eklund of Piano Pronto to co-author the Roadtrip! series of piano books for young beginners. Emily Skaletski, MOT, OTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin to a music educator, Emily began playing multiple instruments at a young age, developing a passion for music. In addition to working as an occupational therapist with children and youth with autism, cerebral palsy, and other special needs, Emily teaches piano lessons for children with special needs.