Benefits of Video-Based Lessons
Presented by Stella Sick

Communicating in the Complicated Quagmire: Communicating with Both Parents and Students
Presented by Charlene Jarvis

Creative Pedagogy for Online Teaching
Presented by George Litterst

Networking, Q&A, Attendee Sharing

Teaching Technique with Confidence Online 
Presented by Fred Karpoff

Creative Performance Solutions and Recital Alternatives for Home-Bound Pianists
Presented by Shana Kirk and Anna Beth Rucker

Effective Assignments for Students In Between Lessons
Presented by Michelle Sisler

Pedagogy and Performance Path

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Little Hands: Establishing Great Technique From the Beginning 
Presented by Fred Karpoff

Preparing Pianists for Jazz Band
Presented by Bradley Sowash

For Teachers Who Want to Compose
Presented by Carol Matz

Baby Boomers: An Increasing Segment of Your Studio
Presented by Dr. Christopher Madden

Demonstrating in Lessons: Finding Imaginative Ways to Illustrate Any Concept
Presented by Dr. Thomas Lanners

Music in the Homes of the 19th Century
Presented by George Litterst and Stella Sick

The Unknown Clementi Sonatinas
Presented by Arthur Houle and George Litterst

Repertoire Swaps: Advocating for Women Composers through Int. to Early Adv. Romantic and Impressionist Solo Piano Repertoire
Presented by Dr. Lynn Worcester Jones

Group Teaching Path

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Keyboard Ensembles: Fun (and Musical Engagement) for All!
Presented by Dr. Pamela D. Pike

The Magic of Mixing it up: Effective Learning in Groups of Mixed Ages and Levels
Presented by Lynnette Barney

Challenges and Solutions in the Classroom: 5 important Topics We All Encounter
Presented by Debra Perez

TnT — Technology in Teaching: Apps to Ignite and Involve your Students in Group Learning
Presented by Marie Lee

Group Piano for Mixed Ages
Presented by Dorla Aparicio

Tried and True Tips for Group Piano
Presented by Debra Perez, Sandy Triplett, Leah Drake, Rita Hovanesian, Janice Jensen

Off the Bench and Technology Path

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Who Says You Need to Stay on the Bench?
Presented by Rosemarie Penner

Create Camaraderie with an ULTRA CHALLENGE (How To Concoct a Challenge Teens will go Wild for!)
Presented by Charlene Shelzi Jarvis

Instilling Imagery that Inspires
Presented by Nicole Douglas

Incorporating Technology Into Lessons … Even if you aren’t tech savvy
Presented by Rosemarie Penner

Technology for Inspired Teaching
Presented by George Litterst

Teaching Expressive Communication Using Silent Movie Projects in the Music Studio!
Presented by Penny Lazarus

Business Path

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Staying Alive: How to Survive and Thrive as a Modern Music Teacher
Presented by Angela Marshall and Davis Dorrough

Administration Frustration: Simple Strategies for Common Teacher Problems
Presented by Jennifer Foxx

How to Find Awesome Online Students
Presented by Sarah Lyngra

Inspiration from the Industry Path

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Take Your Studio Where Few Studios Have Gone Before
Presented by George Litterst, TimeWarp Technologies

Exploring Pro Piano Skills
Presented by Carol Matz, Carol Matz’s Interactive Piano Method

Choose Your Own Adventure:  Fun Ways to Teach Essential Theory Skills
Presented by Sally Ritchie and Michelle Sisler, Keys to Imagination

Tonara: Teaching Done Differently
Presented by Lou Ann Pope, Tonara 

3 Master Keys to Teach Music Theory More Effectively
Presented by Glory St. Germain, Ultimate Music Theory

What Sight Reading Steps Do You Assign?
Presented by LeAnn Halvorson, Music Perceptions

Teaching Your Students to Fish:  Tools to Motivate and Empower Your Student and Parents
Presented by Bonnie Slaughter, Bonnie’s Arpeggios Plus