Thomas Lanners
Stoking the Flames: Teaching Tips to Ensure Emotional Engagement

Sara Campbell
Getting Savvy on Social Media

Rosemarie Penner
How to Cover “Everything” Each Lesson

Davis Dorrough
We Survived 2020–Now What?: Studio Business Tips to Keep You Going Strong in 2021

Anna Beth Rucker
Mental Practice… What Exactly Is It, Is It Actually Useful, and Should I Use It In My Private Lessons?

Wynn-Anne Rossi
Seeds of Imagination

Dr. Pamela Pike
Motivating Musicians: Tools and Techniques to Motivate Every Learner Along Their Musical Journey

Jennifer Stadler
How to Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Valerie Merrell

Lynnette Barney and Valerie Merrell
Multi-Age, Multi-Level Ensembles: Jamming with Anyone

George Litterst and Stella Sick
Technique Meets Artistry: A Delightful Journey Through the World of Etudes

Penny Lazarus, Sally Ritchie, Sue Ruby, Lynn Worcester Jones
Re-writing the Myths of Women Composers to Reveal the Scope and Genius of their Magic

Kody Andreas
I Like To Move It, Move It

On-Demand Only Sessions

Lynn Worcester Jones
In the Midst of Crisis the Music Plays On! Priming Gen Z to Save the Arts

Ivan Hurd
Vladimir Rebikov: The Russian Romantic, Impressionist, and Modernist.

Penny Lazarus
Long, Lost and Forgotten: Silent Movie Music for the Piano Studio

George Litterst
Now that We’ve Been Forced to Use Technology, What’s Next?

Christopher Madden and Jani Parsons
Technique Through the Repertoire

Olivia Ellis and Davis Dorrough
Let Me Count the Ways: Exploring Different Counting Methods and How to Adapt Them in Our Teaching