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Resources and Tools for today’s music teacher, students and their parents.

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Surviving and Thriving on the Music Lesson RollercoasterImage_001

Stories, activites, examples and tools to inspire and motive music students, their parents and teachers.  Audio CDs available at download immediately at






Image_003Theory Strips

Daily doses and repetition are the secrets to the Theory Strips.   Concepts are presented over and over in a variety of ways to enhance students’ understanding and retention. It is great to hear “Oh, I know that! This is easy!”




Image_005Music Camp Expeditions

  • Step-by-step instruction manuals       for 4-day music camps.
  • Complete planning guides.





Practice Abacus

The Practice Abacus is a fun tool to help track repetitions .   Great group activity. Students can make their You can also watch a tutorial on how to make one .


Image_009Practice Incentive Games

Creative games that make practicing fun.   Packet includes games ready to color.

  • Musical Land
  • Football fun
  • Practice Piggy
  • Majestic Music Mountin
  • Staccato Slalom Maze
  • Hanging Ornaments



Favorite recipes from the students of the Oakwood Performing Arts Academy.


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VImage_015isit our website for teaching tips and resources for today’s music teachers including videos on how to remember the tempos in order and a secret making scale fingering easy, and more!