What is Collabra?

Collabra is an online, cloud-based platform that helps students and instructors get more out of their music lessons by providing tools to reinforce the lesson, capture progress, and create accountability – all in one system, and all in one place.

Using computers or mobile devices, instructors and students create, store, organize, and share audio / video content for lessons, practices, and assessments.

Recorded Lessons & Practices and a Practice Log

Instructors record in-person lessons with their students or create a pre-recorded series of instructional videos to share later. Students watch the lesson back from their phone or computer and then record themselves practicing. Students’ practice minutes are automatically logged and reviewable by the instructor, providing a unique tool for accountability when needed.

Real-time Feedback

Instructors and students exchange time-stamped comments on audio / video recordings of lessons and practices. This enables instructors to remotely review and correct student practice habits, as well as stay connected during the week or when distance creates a barrier.

Why Collabra?

It’s easiest to realize the opportunity that exists with Collabra when we compare the activities and goals of music students….to the activities and goals of an all-american sport like football.

Take Jeffrey for example – he joins the football team, attends 5 practices a week, improves by reviewing video footage, and receives performance feedback from his coach.  He is held accountable and stays consistently engaged with his discipline.

Conversely, as Jason learns to play guitar, he only sees his instructor once a week, he waits 6 days in between each lesson, forgets most of what he learned, lacks the accountability and feedback of regularly monitored practice….AND there’s no video review of his lesson, or feedback on his practices because there’s no efficient toolset specifically designed for his or his instructor’s needs.

Jason’s instructor, like many – needs one system for video recording, storing, sharing, and commenting all in one location.  Ultimately, these instructors need Collabra.

Collabra’s educational platform improves outcomes for performing arts – making teachers better teachers and students better performers.  We do that by providing a combination of tools for efficient lesson management, regular performance feedback and practice accountability – all in one system, and all in one place.

Want to learn more?

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