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for teachers, students, independent learners, and piano enthusiasts of all ages

CyberConservatory is the producer of fun, interactive music for students, independent learners, teachers, and piano enthusiasts of all ages. The creative team is comprised of Paul Sheftel and George Litterst.

CyberConservatory publications provide the finest educational and recreational material in an interactive environment that is designed for 21st century music making. Our publications cover a large range of playing and learning levels from pre-reading to early advanced.

We hope that you take the opportunity to explore the resources of the CyberConservatory website. In addition to our publications, we offer regular webinars on a variety of topics related to teaching, learning, and ways to enjoy the many advantages offered by modern technologies.

If you allow us, it will be our honor to accompany you, for at least a little while, on your musical journey.

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Excerpts from a Few of Our Publications

Folk Songs from Planet Earth, Now in 9 Levels

Beginning Tunes for Pre-Readers

Classics Outside the Box Level 5

Modules (Keyboard Geography)