Full Circle

Teaching the names of the piano keys can be a challenge when teaching online because of the limitations of the online environment. Here’s an idea that can compliment your current teaching, it works with all levels and any method, and it plants ideas that payout in the future when music gets more complicated.

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Share it with your students and teach ALL of the keys from your first lesson. It is a very short course – Seven one-minute videos. I made the videos on a day where the internet was a train wreck. I sent them to a student so I knew that she would learn the keys.

Sarah Lyngra, founder of Yellow Cat Publishing, LLC is an online educator and piano teacher who helps teachers develop their online teaching businesses. Her experience as an ex-pat helps her give great insights about the needs of students in the overseas online piano teaching markets. In addition, Sarah has created programs to help students learn pieces quickly and efficiently – Couch to Concert Hall. For students with learning disabilities- she has created a color coded piano method with Sarah and Nikolai and their friends in Musicland.