Multisensory Chord Function Activities

Plug into any curriculum!

Functions First! is a 36-page PDF file you can purchase and download from the Keys to Imagination website. Teachers have permission to reproduce pages in print or digital format for use in their own studios.

The PDF pages are used together with website videos to create multisensory activities to learn the “feel” of tonic and dominant chord functions in the 15 major keys. The terminology of Roman numerals, chords and triads is replaced with the “letter-name spelling” of I and V7 chords, allowing teachers to use the activities for students at any level.

Plug into ANY curriculum – before tonic & dominant terms and Roman numerals are introduced for a good foundation, or after to reinforce harmonic concepts. 

Multisensory Paths to Learning 

Auditory – hear familiar classical excerpts in website videos

Tactile – angle pushpin magnets to “feel” tension-release*

Kinesthetic – feel gravity in corresponding hand/arm motions

Visual – counting & spelling patterns in PDF charts

*Magnets not included – available from online sellers or at local retail stores. Other ordinary items and physical gestures can be used to simulate the properties of magnets

Videos and additional resources at