What if you could open the door to the world of music for students who have been closed out?

Notable equips teachers with concrete, practical strategies for teaching students with disabilities.

Get confident with courses, curriculum, and tips that make your teaching more effective.

If you’re looking for effective strategies that you can implement TODAY with your students with disabilities or special needs, you’re in the right place. You can stop spending hours scouring forums and sifting through search results to find something that works. 

“When music teachers started asking me for resources about teaching special needs students that I could share in my membership, I knew exactly who to ask: Selena Pistoresi. Already well known in the industry, Selena blew us away with her knowledge and skills in this area; skills that far surpass anything I could have shared…”. Tim Topham ‧ Creator of TopMusicPro

Are you looking to immerse yourself in this field, develop a fresh perspective, and fine-tune what experience you already have into a comprehensive approach for students with disabilities? Then Unfazed, the 11-week live course may be the perfect fit for you. We’re now enrolling for March 2021.

OR… are you simply looking for an effective way to teach note reading to students with diagnoses like autism and Down Syndrome? The Milestone Method was created exactly for this purpose, and the Milestone Method Mini-Course will show you exactly how to get the most out of this method while helping students develop their motor skills. It’s self-paced, and you get studio-licensed, digital versions of all three books of the Milestone Method when you enroll for this course.

“After my initial consultation with Selena, I knew I would be dipping my toes into a deep well of talent and experience. The Unfazed course not only equipped me with juicy knowledge and intellectual fun tools to confidently teach learners with disabilities and exceptionalities, I’ve also walked away with more compassion, many new perspectives on teaching approaches, excitement and a reminder why I chose my profession as a teacher. Selena’s wealth of knowledge is inspiring, her limitless kind support is encouraging and her passion is super infectious! An incredibly delicious, well written and delivered course that will ignite your curiosity and sparkle your soul.”  Laura K., Piano Teacher in Sydney, Australia, “Unfazed” Course Participant

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