Hi, I’m Sarah Lyngra. I have been teaching online and overseas for the last 10 years. I enjoy it immensely and would love to have others join me in this awesome world.
If you are being thrown into the world of online teaching, I would love to help get you started, and make things easier for you.
You will learn basic tech (you don’t need much to get started- neither do your students!) Time zones- Daylight savings gets us all at some point. And how to keep students by being client oriented.
I’m in it for the long haul and will continue to support you when this is all over.

Teach Piano Online

Get started with online teaching and building a studio with students all over the world.

I’m into teaching online for the long haul. Not just for right now, but as a lifestyle. 

In this course you will learn:

Module 1-  Figuring how many students you want and when you want to teach. This applies to everyone and is important because you could find the perfect student and then realize you live on the east coast of the US and they are in China, and the only time they could have lessons is at 3 am your time. 

Module 2-  Who do you want to teach. It says piano, but really, substitute guitar for piano and you will get the same results. The idea that you would want to teach everyone is a mistake because it makes it impossible to make any kind of marketing decisions. Adult students who are taking guitar lessons are often found in different places than parents of 10 year olds with autism. 

Module 3-  Get your tech in order- this explains the basics of connections, applicable to everyone, except the bit about electric pianos 😉 

Module 4- Who are you- this is writing about yourself with your clients in mind. They are often not interested in your degrees, but more interested in how you can reach their guitar playing goals. For example, if I were specializing in teaching adults jazz, anything I write is specifically for them, and what I would say would be completely different to what I would tell that mother of the autistic child. 

Module 5- Putting it all together- this is where you figure out where your potential students are and what you want to say to them, with ideas of where you can find them 

Module 6-  Maintaining communication.

Quite frankly, I am not telling anyone how and what to teach, it is more about getting you to think about who and what you teach so finding online students is easier. 

There are pdfs which will help you keep track of where you are. 

And here is a link to the special discount: