Praise for “Shades of Sound: Women Composers” –

“[This book] is surprisingly detailed; thoughtfully assembled; and most truly worthy…The project is one-of-a-kind.” – Judith Lang Zaimont, composer

“She has definitely done her research. It’s a beautiful book with all the “well-known” female composers from the past and a good collection of living composers.” – Emily Durrant, piano teacher.

“This book is quality from cover to cover.” – Paula Manwaring, NCTM, piano teacher

“This is a gorgeous book, and a fantastic resource for students and teachers. [It is] an outstanding addition to my pedagogical library!” – Bonnie Jack, piano teacher

“I have used Jennifer’s other coloring books before with my students during group classes and have found that coloring while listening helps keep them focused. I love watching the children think about the music while they are creating a beautiful picture. It seems their entire bodies are engaged when they experience music this way. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful resource! I am a big fan.” – Lizbeth Atkinson