2018 Videos

Carol Matz

Scott McBride Smith

User-Friendly Technical Training for Early Level Students

Julia Sansone

Creating Music Addicts: The Psychology Behind a Highly Successful Music Studio

Carol Matz

Teaching Composition to Young Students

Charlene Shelzi Jarvis

Vampires, Witches and Bats, Oh My! A Practical Guide to Coaching Early Composition

Lori Frazer

Now that I have all of these accompaniment tracks, what do I do with them?

Bradley Sowash

Developing Chord Fluency

Dr. Pamela Pike
Thomas Lanners

Sara Ernst

The Secrets to Successful Adjudication

Pamela Pike

Encouraging Artistic Performance of the Elementary and Intermediate Piano Repertoire

Thomas Lanners

Practicing with Presence

Christopher Madden

Motivating the 21st Century Piano Student:  Why Stickers, Candy, and Prizes Can Backfire

Elizabeth Gutierrez

10 Things I Wish I Had Known BEFORE I Became an Independent Music Teacher, Plus a Few I’m Glad I Knew!

Sara Ernst

Improving Your Teaching Effectiveness

George Litterst
Carol Matz

George Litterst

TimeWarp Technologies Showcase

Sally Ritchie

Inspire, Innovate, Invigorate, Invent!

Carol Matz

Interactive Piano Method Showcase

Jennifer Stadler

 Green Screen Effects for Less Than $50


Susan Ogilvy

Being Present in the Piano Lesson

Charlene Shelzi Jarvis

Dogfooding – An Essential Staple in Your Studio Diet

George Litterst

George Litterst and Stella Sick

And Now You Know the Rest of the Story:  The Inspiring Histories of Masterworks for Children

Alejandro Cremaschi and JP Casarotti

Teaching Lessons Online: Tools, Challenges and Opportunities

Shana Kirk and Michelle Sisler

Exciting and Novel Ways for Students to Engage Their Audience

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